Two new Vermont non-green, non-passenger issues. Still working on the site refreshing.
Added a neat and fairly uncommon New Hampshire type, with more plates to be added. I'm also working on a new look for the site, the first such visual change in over four years, with the key objective being "clean."
Finally, some updates! At long last, my 1969 run has been completed, and I have updated my want list to reflect some recent acquisitions.
A new scanner and a new site host will now enable me to scan plates and upload them to the site, so some serious updates are on the way. No, seriously...I've already scanned about ten new plates.
Plenty of plates to add, just need to find the time.
This page could stand a new look, too...
Working with a friend, and long-time acquitance of mine, Richard Wilcox from Inversion Table Life to fix the site.